This is a beautiful handmade vaginal steam stool. It is light in weight yet very sturdy.


A perfect stool for women looking to support their feminine health with steaming, yet who are looking for a stool that would be easy to store-away and take along while traveling or while providing in-home steam sessions for others! 

All four legs are easily removable making it so that the entire stool can effortlessly fit into a backpack or large purse! 


The stool is made from Pine Wood and is 16 inches high and 15 inches round. It is sealed with beeswax, natural oils, and a non-toxic seal.


This Steam Stool was created in devotion to caring for the most sacred space of women. They are also a symbolism of courage for me because of the amount of courage that it took to create them. 

Before steeping into this courage, I spent months searching for a woodworker to help me build stools. I was turned down by around 10 woodworkers and found myself hopeless about being able to offer stools to women, for their healing.  It was then that my husband simply said "why don't you just build them yourself?!" This is where the need for courage came in, as I have barely ever built anything before! 

This is also where another special man in my life stepped in to encourage me. My father helped me to design the stool and learn what tools to buy and how to use them. Within two days or so, I was making the stools on my own and feeling SO empowered through the experience of making something with my own two hands that would be used to serve women. Now, my father has joined in on the service and actually helps me to craft the stools on a regular basis. 

We created the stool so that it would be easy to store away with twist-on legs, and sturdy but simple enough to put into a beach bag and travel with! 

Vaginal Steam Stool | Hand Crafted


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