The Postpartum Recovery Prep Program is designed to support and guide you as you prepare for your recovery after the life-body changing experience of giving birth.

During our time together I will be providing you with education, awareness and guidance on what life will be like after birth, what your body will need for a full recovery and guidance on how and what to prepare, for a gentle and holistic recovery.

Through this journey together, I provide a holistic approach by addressing the health of your mind, body and spirit from an Ayurvedic Perspective (an ancient and traditional science of healing).


We will use natural healing methods for your recovery such as nutrition with foods and herbs, vaginal steaming, breathwork and so much more!

While there is so much to prepare for, we will be using my simple step-by-step guide to help you prepare without feeling overwhelmed.

This program is unique in many ways, one being the fact that a traditional and holistic approach is taken while keeping in mind the fact that we are modern women with unique situations, lifestyles and needs.


  • you desire to have a peaceful and smooth transition from pregnancy to life with baby after giving birth

  • you feel completely unprepared and unsure of what your body will need in order to fully recover

  • you are concerned about the unknown of the postpartum phase and desire to feel as prepared as possible

  • you want to be able to take a natural approach to healing but are not sure where or how to start

  • you currently have no plan in place and no idea of what you will eat or do to support your healing after birth


This program is over one month and includes four 60 minute sessions - one session per week. Each session will be held online through Zoom so we can see and speak to each other. The program also includes unlimited email communication, Monday through Friday for any questions or concerns that might come up for you. I am here for you during this special journey! 


This program also includes my Organic Postpartum Healing Gift Box ($82.00 Value), mailed to you!!!

Postpartum Recovery Prep Program | 4 Sessions


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